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Discover How You Can Master the Vocabulary of Any Subject, Discipline or Language in Less Time Than You Ever Imagined Possible. GUARANTEED.

“The difference between the right word and the almost right word is like the difference between lightning and the lightning bug.” —Mark Twain.


From: William Piracci


Your ability to think clearly, powerfully and with confidence is determined by how well you understand words. Think about this and you’ll see that it’s true.

Expanding your understanding of words should be a priority in your life. The benefits of increasing your vocabulary are too numerous to even list.

In fact, the act of broadening your vocabulary will change you completely and irrevocably: it would be impossible for you to return to your previous mental state.

So, I present to you a gift, a gift to you that has already been appreciated by over 100,000 people throughout the world. It’s FREEand if you accept it and use it, you will be able to increase your level of vocabulary with ease.

Indeed, used diligently, you can command any list of words, phrases or concepts with the corresponding definitions quickly, accurately and in less time than you ever imagined.

It’s happened for thousands of people and it can happen for you too.

WordWazir: A Powerful Vocabulary Learning Software Application

WordWazir is an award winning vocabulary learning software application that runs on any Windows operating system. It’s a simple application that’s built upon an extremely powerful learning engine that incorporates learning theory in order to assist you in reaching your learning objectives.

Simply, WordWazir works. You can master any list of words, phrases or concepts with their corresponding definitions quickly and accurately. You choose what you need to learn and you learn it, without fail.

“In times of change, learners inherit the Earth, while the learned find themselves beautifully equipped to deal with a world that no longer exists.” –Eric Hoffer

How Does It Work?

Firstly, how it works isn’t as important as that it works! But, I’m inquisitive and maybe you are too. So, let me reveal to you a little bit about what is under the hood!

WordWazir Vocabulary Learning Software Interface

The WordWazir vocabulary learning software application is a learning partner that reacts similarly to the way in which a good human partner would, particularly if they knew your learning strengths and weaknesses.

In actuality, it works as if you were helping yourself learn. You see, no one but you knows your strengths and weaknesses better than you.

To illustrate this point without going into the nuances of the mathematics behind the learning algorithm, let’s explore how the perfect learning partner would assist you in reaching your goals…

The perfect learning partner would…

  • keep track of which words or phrases you don’t know
  • which words or phrases you seem to know
  • which words or phrases you seem to know fairly well
  • which words or phrases you know very well and finally…
  • which words or phrases you weren’t tested on yet.

The partner’s goal then is to present the information that you are learning in such a way that assures the quickest path towards you demonstrating knowledge of all the information.

So, what would your perfect learning “partner” do to assure your success?

Let me tell you… they would typically select those items that they believe you as a learner are ready to learn. They will intuitively, yet consciously, create an importance factor for these items to be presented and would deliver to you those items deemed to be “important” for you to learn at an optimal moment in time.

They would, with certainty, occasionally select items which are less important to test you on as they know that these items are already fairly well known.

Why do they do this?

Typically, this is done because your partner knows how important it is to help you keep your memory refreshed with the items you already seem to know, as well as to give you positive reinforcement (one needs to feel good about themselves as a learner!).

Most other learning applications, particularly typical flash-card type applications, select words at random or use other archaic systems to test and learn knowledge. These are poor approaches and don’t take into account the way humans learn best.

The WordWazir vocabulary learning software program takes into account learning theory and it has part of its underlying structure a learning algorithm that helps to assure you success.

The WordWazir is designed to adapt to a user’s ability to learn, and takes into account a users past performance with each new item that is selected to be tested. Therefore, a user’s past responses dictates the sequencing of new items to be learned. The WordWazir ‘underlying learning algorithm is dynamic, fresh and revolutionary.

How do you use the WordWazir vocabulary learning software application?

When using WordWazir, it’s best not to worry about wrong selections. If you don’t know an item, just make a quick educated guess. There’s no harm in making mistakes as WordWazir is designed to quickly bring up problem items frequently so that you can’t help but quickly get them correct.

The WordWazir vocabulary learning software application is not a “testing” program per say, but a learning tool. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes because mistakes are a very important part of learning anything.

The WordWazir program is simple to use and is designed so that anyone using Microsoft’s operating system will be able to effortlessly employ the program for learning.

Of course, if one is using WordWazir to study vocabulary words in a language that requires the use of a specialty character set, they will need to install or enable these characters so that the WordWazir application can read the characters properly.

So, this is how it works…

Whenever WordWazir is running, the item for you to learn appears at the top of the window.

Simply click on the field underneath the question field that reflects the correct choice (your answer).

When you make an incorrect selection, you will need to keep making more selections until you pick the correct one. Each time you select the correct choice… a new item (question) is selected and displayed.

The item you just got correct can be accessed by clicking on the link at the bottom of the window interface, along with the answer. This serves as a visual reminder of the correct answer.

To expand upon the visual reminder concept, at the top of the application’s interface are placeholders that store the route of the items that have been answered correctly and incorrectly. By clicking on the placeholder button, a user can view in list form the status of their learning achievements.

The time element has also been considered with the WordWazir program and a learner can constantly monitor the amount of time he or she is spending in each learning period as well as keep track of the total amount of time they have spent learning the entire library file.

Utilizing WordWazir’s time function is particularly helpful when developing a strategy to meet your learning objectives. To enable this function, a learner must remember to “save” each learning session when exiting the program.

Here are three good strategies for using WordWazir for optimal learning:

  • Practice a certain number of words per day and to keep this practice within the confines of a set time frame.
  • This brings continuity to your learning habits.
  • Practice a certain number of flashes, instead of practicing for a set period of time. 100 flashes per sitting seem to be a good number of choices for a single learning session and can be reached in a short period of time.
  • Practice for a set time period per learning session without regards to how many choices you have completed. Twenty minutes per sitting seems to be an optimal amount of time.

No matter what your strategy, remember, it doesn’t matter at all how many words you get right or even the ratio of correct to incorrect answers. Just practice as many as you have set yourself out to learn for each session or for the designated amount of time.

The WordWazir vocabulary learning software application will work very effectively as a learning tool when used often but for short periods rather than a few long sessions.

The uniqueness of the WordWazir application is that the program is designed to learn a lot about your learning progress with each learning session. The key to this is to remember that before quitting a session, hit the “save” button. This will allow WordWazir to remember the details of your learning.

The WordWazir vocabulary learning software application can be used to train you in *any* language’s vocabulary, and is not restricted to only language learning. WordWazir can be used to memorize technical terms, chemical compounds, anatomy, or any other such word associations.

Note: If you are using languages that have text that runs right to left (like Arabic), you must make sure that the language setting on your operating system is set up to view this type of language.

Library Files

Library files are located in the WordWazir library folder. Many more library files have been developed on a variety of different subjects and will periodically be offered to you for consideration. You can sign-up to receive notification of released library files by clicking on a link located in the application.

This distribution of WordWazir comes with THREE example library files and they are:

  1. The example library file, “Opposites,” is a simple library file for reviewing Opposites in the English language (great for ESL students).
  2. The example library file “Words You Should Know,” is a simple library file that includes English language words that will improve your vocabulary.
  3. 100 Impressive Words: Just as it says… this is a great library file that will certainly increase your vocabulary by enabling you to learn 100 impressive English language words.

For WordWazir to “read” a library file, it must be stored in the Library Folder.

When you start the program and click the “Open” button, a file dialog box will appear to let you select a library file to learn. It’s a good idea to use these example library files until you become familiar with how the WordWazir program works before you venture into making your own library files.

Creating Your Own Library Files

Besides being able to import pre-made laearning library files directly into the WordWazir library file folder, as well as create learning library files directly within the WordWazir vocabulary software application, a user who has previously compiled a list of words or phrase that they want to learn can easily import their list into a WordWazir database by using Microsoft Excel. This function is extremely easy to perform and allows you to make your own library files effortlessly.

Let me show you how simple it is to make your own library file…

To create a new library file in Excel that can be imported into the WordWazir program, you must follow a very simple format (sample Excel file supplied with program – “Ex_Import_File,” located in Library folder).

8 steps to make your own library file. This is what you need to do…

  1. Open up Microsoft Excel.
  2. In the first column, first row, type in the item you want to learn.
  3. In the second column, first row, type in the answer.
  4. Continue like this for your entire library file.
  5. Save the Excel file.
  6. Open WordWazir
  7. Select: File > New Library File > Database > Import New Excel File.
  8. That’s it! Remember to save the created Library File in the Library Folder so that it’s available for WordWazir.

Note: It’s crucial that these two columns exist for each word or words that you want to learn. Each should be in a different column / row in Microsoft Excel.

Don’t even think that making library files might be difficult… A detailed document is included with your download that explains exactly how you can make your own library files. As stated above, it’s a quick process that actually reinforces your learning.

“Then, without realizing it, you try to improve yourself at the start of each new day; of course, you achieve quite a lot in the course of time. Anyone can do this, it costs nothing and is certainly very helpful. Whoever doesn’t know it must learn and find by experience that a quiet conscience makes one strong.” –Anne Frank

Downloading WordWazir

Before downloading WordWazir, let me say this…

Most people who sell or present some product or service on the Internet ask for your name and email address prior to making available to you what they are presenting. Although this is understandable, it’s a funny proposition. Here’s why…

If I were going to an electronic store to look at, let’s say… large flat screen TVs and as I began to enter the store to view what was available a salesperson came up to me and said. “I need to get your name and address from you before you can enter… would you agree? Likely not! I wouldn’t!

In any event, I don’t want your name or your email address… you can give them to me later if you want to receive information about ready-made library files. OK?

So, here you can download WordWazir: Please click on the following hyperlink and you will be taken to our download page.

WordWazir: Vocabulary Learning Software

Oh… there’s more…

We have also developed a really excellently designed vocabulary learning (Language Arts) lesson plan that’s based on Layered Curriculum principles. You can download this lesson plan by clicking on the following hyperlink:

Academic English & Vocabulary for Specific Purposes Lesson Plan Based on Layered Curriculum Principles

Note to teachers and school administrators: Teachers and school administrators are given my full authority to copy and distribute as many copies of WordWazir as needed for your students or school.

That’s all folks!

I sincerely hope that you get great benefit from using WordWazir. Use it daily and you will see tremendous gains in your ability to learn, understand and use words accurately .

Kind regards,

William Piracci

PS. Remember, learning is best appreciated when it is shared. Share your library files with others.